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Coaching, mentoring and training to writers and other creatives from all walks of life. Newbies, seasoned pros, everything in between before and after, all are welcome in the Society.

What We Do

The Society of Ink Slingers is both a community and a service. It was founded by Lauren McMenemy - a veteran writer in the fields of media, agencies and in-house marketing & communications - to help nurture other writers and set them on the path to success.

Once it's fully operational, the Society will offer a range of support services in both a hands-on way and as a cheerleader on the sidelines.

🟥 Supporting journalists to understand the world of content marketing.

🟥 Mentoring in-house content marketers looking to improve or move up.

🟥 Helping newly-freelance content writers looking for direction.

🟥 Developing in-house content marketing leaders.

🟥 Training small business owners to "do content" to build an audience.

🟥 Supporting writers who are struggling to be themselves or get motivated to follow their passions and dreams.

🟥 Coaching writers to finish that book project and get ready to submit.

Chief Slinger: Lauren McMenemy

By profession, Lauren is a journalist, copywriter, content strategist and creative coach with more than 20 years’ experience as a professional writer. She runs The Content Type, creating articles and reports and developing in-house newsroom strategies for B2B corporates, as well as coaching, mentoring and training writers of all stripes.

By passion, Lauren writes fiction and plays with words as a gothic/horror novelist. She is an active member of the London Writers’ Salon and 26, author of the How To Be Self(ish) newsletter, and editor/contributor to the Adventures in Pop Culture blog. Born in Australia and an avid pop culture junkie, she’s been a Londoner for 15 years. You’ll usually find her musing on Twitter and tracing her journeys on Instagram.

We'll be live, soon!

The Society is currently brewing while Lauren takes a sabbatical from the active working world. If you'd like to stake your claim, make a request or generally chat about creative things, you can get in touch with her using the social platform of your choice, below.